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What is the process like to get invitations made for my wedding?

1. Initial consultation
We would prefer to consult with you first, either in person or through email, so we can discuss your wedding and get a better understanding of what you are looking for. At this point we’ll also provide some samples for you to look at.

2. Quote
After the consultation, we will draft up a quote for you to evaluate.

3. Quote Approval
Once you give the final ok, the design process begins. A 50% deposit is required at this stage.

4. Design
Before the actual conceptualising is done, I will draft up a mood board for you to review. If you and your fiancé are happy with the direction of the design, I will proceed with concepting, and will present at least two designs based off the mood board for you to see. Then you’ll get the chance to make any changes (if you have any—you are allowed up to three rounds of changes), otherwise we can go ahead with the printing process. Should you ever feel that you are unhappy and that I haven't fully met your brief, I will go back to the drawing board and draft up another two designs for you to review. 

5. Approval and Printing
Once the final design has been approved, I will proceed to get your designs printed. Depending on your finishes, printing can take up to two weeks. At this stage, the balance of the invoice is required.

6. Delivery and Collection
Good news! By this point, your invitations are ready for collection and ready to send off to your guests!  

When should I order my invitations?

We always recommend 6-12 months prior to your wedding date, and please allow up to 1-2 months for the entire design and printing process (all dependent on how quick the correspondence is and how many changes there have been).

How many changes can I make?

We allow up to three rounds of revisions which is included in your quote. Anything more will be charged accordingly to an hourly rate of $45. Should there be a significant amount of changes requested (more than 50% of the original design), we shall consider this as a new job and an additional fee may be charged.

Do you have samples?

1) We can print your design samples for you at a cost of $20.00 AUD (excluding any foiling and letter press) just to make sure you’re happy with the way your design will look like and to ensure colours are to what you were expecting.

2) We can provide an array of samples based off past job examples for $10.00.

Shipping fees are charged accordingly based on country location. For all of Australia—$5, international orders—$10 shippig fee.

Do you have a minimum order for invitations?

We require a minimum of 20 invitations for digital printed invitations and a minimum of 50 invitations for any of the higher grade finishes (i.e. letter press, foiling etc.).

Can I get a physical proof?

For standard printing – yes, we can provide a physical print proof to ensure you are happy with the colours. We will also send you a PDF proof so you can double check all spelling and grammar is correct. We are not liable for any mistakes made once sent off to print.

For premium printing options (i.e. letter press, foiling and acrylics) – no, we unfortunately are unable to produce a physical proof prior to printing. We do provide a PDF proof for you to ensure all spelling and grammar have been checked through, as we are not responsible for any mistakes once sent off to print. 

Do you do name addressing on the invitations and for the on-the-day stationery?

Yes, we do, at an extra cost. A quote can be provided which is based on the total number of guests. Please provide your guest list in an excel spreadsheet with each category in separate columns, and we'll take care of the rest for you. You will be able to review all the names when we send through a PDF proof for your approval.  

Should I order spares?

We always recommend at least 5-10 spare invitations for those who you might have forgotten or for those you may be inviting to fill in for some declined guests. We think it’s a great idea to have one (or a few) as a keepsake, plus we find some couples forget to include themselves in the total guest list.

How do I figure out what my budget should be?

Figuring out your budget can be tricky, especially if you don't understand the cost of the extra finishes that are available to you. But having a rough budget in mind could provide you with a realistic and almost accurate quote for you which will avoid any surprises. 

For 50-100 invitations (3 card package) excluding envelopes : 

Digital Print
We recommend allowing anywhere between $300-$600* for a full colour digital print suite. 

Letter Press
We recommend leaving letter pressing for just the main invitation card and normal digital print (on the same paper stock) for your other stationery additions like your wishing well and R.S.V.P. card to save costs (anywhere between $1200-$1400). If you decide to letter press the entire suite, we would recommend allowing between $1500-$2000. 

We recommend leaving foiling for just the main invitation card and normal digital print (on the same paper stock) for your other stationery additions like your wishing well and R.S.V.P. card to save costs. If you decide to foil the entire suite, we would recommend allowing between $1500-$2000. 

Both Letter Press and Foiling
Should you decide to letter press and foil for your entire suite, we recommend you allocate somewhere around the $1800-2000+ mark.

*Prices are subjected to change depending on the paper stock finish and colour inks (white ink costs slightly more).
Please note: The prices above are estimates only, so we suggest getting in touch for a more accurate costing depending on the style and requirements you have. Our prices may also vary as we tend to find a supplier that can account for your budget.

Do you offer international delivery services or is it just Australia wide?

We offer services throughout Australia and to other international countries. Shipping costs are based on total weight and zone region. Please enquire with us for a quote. 

Do you do printing or design only services?

Can we print your own designs? Yes. Though it’s not something we like to always do because we don’t want to be liable for the work that belongs to other designers. So long as you understand the risks that come with it, such as if the colours don’t match or if the files aren’t correct, we’re happy to do them for you anyway. 

Do we offer design only services? Sure! We’re happy for you to arrange your own printing especially if you’re into DIY-ing your own wedding. But we always recommend letting us take care of it for you, as we’d like to ensure our work is preserved all the way through to the finished product.