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Who runs this place anyway?

Hello, I’m Demie.


About our mission and beliefs

1. We believe in affordability
We believe in fair pricing and will try to accommodate to any budget. To keep costs low, we often use materials that are low in costs (i.e. paper). Often our prices undergo a review from time-to-time to ensure our costs are kept low so you, our customers, can fully benefit from our services. 

2. It's about being kind to Mother Nature
We understand that there are materials out there that can look prettier than paper, for example, acrylic. But we're also mindful about being eco-friendly which is why we prefer to use paper as our medium for our designs. That said, it doesn't limit us to what we can do. If you love it, we'll do it! 

3. It's all about a niche
The world of design can be really daunting at times. There's so much inspiration out there that can be found that sometimes, as designers, we often face a lot of problem with trying to find our own 'style' or 'look and feel'. So to ensure that we are excelling at what we do, we are dedicated at specialising in certain styles that we know will work and that we are proud to design for you. 


About our studio, Petite Paper Goods

Born in 2016, Petite Paper Goods was started by designer, Demie Liew as a result of her love for boutique, minimalistic and modern stationery designs. Backed with experience, Demie comes from a background of graphic design having graduated from RMIT in 2013. She has been working in the field ever since. 

Since starting Petite Paper Goods, we have been priviledged to have worked alongside some lovely clients, helping them design wedding invitations, birthday invitations, custom greeting cards, prints, and so much more. Demie also specialises in a range of different subfields including, corporate branding, publication design, marketing collateral, and web graphics to name a few. Her personal portfolio and website can be viewed here.

We here at Petite Paper Goods, are not only commited to creating functional, cost effective and timeless designs, but we also take our client relationship here very seriously. Each design is custom designed by Demie after having a one-on-one personal experience so she can better understand the vision of each client but to ensure that all outcomes exceed all expectations in addition to making sure the brief was accomplished throughout all the applications. Our production services are either handmade or (if needed) or outsourced by some of the finest in the industry—we often collaborate with other small businesses and makers in the industry. 

Petite Paper Goods believe that good design doesn't always have to have an expensive price tag. We are commited in helping anyone and everyone with all budgets. No request is too big or too small, let's chat


About Demie Liew, Creative Director of P.P.G.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Demie first came to Melbourne to pursue her design career in 2009. Following after her mother, previously a CEO of an advertising company, and her father, a graphic designer—she just knew it was in her path.  

She completed her degree in graphic design from RMIT in 2013 and undertook several work opportunities and internships not long after which is where she gained most of her experience from—e.g. working for a printing press company, a not-for-profit organization, an interior/graphic design studio based in Melbourne and many more. She then decided to freelance and was shortly after subcontracted by a marketing company doing corporate branding before she decided it was time to pursue her love for stationery design. 

"When I started out, I didn't know anything about the wedding/stationery industry I was jumping into. All I knew was I loved the wedding scene—I loved looking at photos of weddings and invitation samples—I loved looking at the setup and decor. I wanted to dive into something that was not only challenging, but something that I knew would give me the creative license to do almost anything. I was always designing logos, fliers, and business cards, and I was beginning to feel like I wasn't being creatively stimulated, so a change was much needed and it came at a great time. I was freelancing and I had a lot of spare time to figure it out, and then eventually, I just did it. I took a leap and decided to open my own online Etsy store to test the market out by designing some cards and prints. I had a lot of support that came through at the beginning, I remembered the first time I had my first international order, I think I nearly cried! I was just so happy that someone else saw the same vision I did through my products.

It took a lot of learning at the beginning—trying to suss out costing prices, current trends, learning how to break away from common designs and learning how to market my brand and myself. It was really hard to try and stand amongst all the other big names in this very big industry. I'm still no where near where I would like to be, but if it wasn't for the support I currently have, I wouldn't be where I am now today doing what I love, so I am extremely grateful. I am confident in my craft and I have always put my heart into the designs I do. I think in this industry, you have to be very sure of yourself and what you stand for otherwise, you'll just get left behind."

Fast forward 1 year, Petite Paper Goods still runs the Etsy shop which sells a wide range of greeting cards and prints. Demie has had the privilege of working alongside some lovely brides who had entrusted her with their invitations. She has also collaborated with some amazing printers in Melbourne and has even helped design a range of letter press D.I.Y. cards for Melbourne-based letter press company, Tympan Ink. 

"I don't only just do weddings—I truly do enjoy creating cards or experimenting with other designers out there as much as I love designing all things weddings. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch!"

We are confident that we can design anything you want and we are here for you every step of the way. It brings us much joy knowing we could help you no matter how big or small the task is. So if you're keen to get to know Demie and let her work her magic for you, please contact us here.